Mellium / governance

The Mellium Project and the organizing entity, Mellium Co-op, strives to be governed in accordance with the ICA’s Statement on the Cooperative Identity.

The following roles are defined:


Leads may be selected for each project as other contributors are on boarded. Leads may appoint or remove maintainers for the project and are ultimately responsible for ensuring timely communications and patches. The selection of new leads is currently undefined and should be defined by the community when the need arises.

Current lead: Sam Whited <>


Each project has its own maintainers. Maintainers may review patches and merge code. They may be selected by the project lead on a per-project or per-repo basis. Each project should publish its own list of qualifications and requirements for maintainers.

Further roles will be defined as the project expands and the need for well-defined project governance grows.