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This library implements an number of XMPP Extension Protocols (XEPs) and RFCs. Others may be implemented in third party libraries.


RFC Package
RFC7622 jid
RFC4422 Appendix A s2s
RFC5122 uri
RFC7395 websocket
RFC6120 xmpp
RFC6121 xmpp
RFC7590 xmpp
XEP Package
XEP-0300 crypto
XEP-0191 blocklist
XEP-0402 bookmarks
XEP-0280 carbons
XEP-0392 color
XEP-0050 commands
XEP-0114 component
XEP-0203 delay
XEP-0156 dial
XEP-0030 disco
XEP-0128 disco
XEP-0115 disco
XEP-0297 forward
XEP-0313 history
XEP-0047 ibb
XEP-0106 jid
XEP-0045 muc
XEP-0249 muc
XEP-0066 oob
XEP-0059 paging
XEP-0199 ping
XEP-0060 pubsub
XEP-0163 pubsub
XEP-0223 pubsub
XEP-0184 receipts
XEP-0178 s2s
XEP-0288 s2s
XEP-0203 stanza
XEP-0359 stanza
XEP-0393 styling
XEP-0363 upload
XEP-0092 version
XEP-0082 xtime
XEP-0202 xtime